Job Title: Building & Grounds Assistant /Handyman
Purpose: Help maintain the buildings and grounds of the Wilton Historical Society, and it’s two other campuses, consisting of 18 historical structures. Routine maintenance and necessary repairs on an as needed basis.
Work Schedule: 15 – 20 hours weekly, Tuesday—Friday, 9 am—12pm with a degree of flexibility necessary to include occasional weekends.
Reports to Executive Director, and Chair Buildings & Grounds

Key Responsibilities
• Responds in a timely manner to Society’s tenants and is available to show vacant spaces to prospective tenants.
• Chores as needed and assigned by Buildings & Grounds Committee, and Executive Director including setting up for Society shows and meetings.
• Ability to secure estimates for maintenance projects
• Attend or prepare written report to monthly Building & Grounds Committee meetings
• Engagement, interaction and supervision of sub-contractors to ensure work is completed in a timely manner to Society’s historical standards.
• Oversee maintenance and inspections of fire safety, HVAC equipment and lighting systems.
• Complete minor repairs without outside professional assistance.
• A self-starter
• Attends work on a regular basis
• Must possess physical capability to perform lifting materials
• Uses time effectively, and collaboratively plans an appropriate schedule with his/her supervisor
• Effectively communicates with others with regard to preparing, organizing, or carrying out task to completion
• Detail-oriented handyman
• Flexible time schedule
• Competent using hand tools
• Uses other skills he/she has shown to possess to carry out other tasks assigned by his/her supervisor
Terms of Employment: 3 month trial basis, at-will position