Objects of Desire: Style for the Garden & Home


It’s all about great objects.
Objects with stories to tell. Objects that tell your story.

$10 Entry Fee per person. Children under 18 are free

Objects of Desire: Style for the Garden and Home brings a carefully edited, eclectic mix of outstanding pieces for the garden and home to a two-day show.

With offerings ranging from antique to mid-century to contemporary, Objects of Desire features a treasure trove of one-of-a-kind garden accents, fine furniture, accessories, found objects and art, beautifully presented on the verdant grounds of the Wilton Historical Society by 25+ top dealers.

This is an entirely new kind of show – the spotlight is on amazing objects.  The kind of objects that clearly have stories to tell – or perhaps there is a story about how you connected with it, how it spoke to you.  These are the  one-of-a-kind pieces that can transform your garden and home, giving distinct style and visual pop.  “When something has been around for 50 or 70 or 100 years or more it has a different energy about it,” says Karen DiSaia, the show manager. “It’s not the same as buying six pots at Home Depot. It’s a much more interesting approach to design. Some of the participating dealers include Brennan and Moulliseaux, Firehouse Antiques, Leatherwood Antiques, Newsom and Berdan, Sandy Jacobs, Village Braider, and Warren Antiques.

Phillip Thomas, Design Chair
Phillip Thomas Inc.

Design Committee:

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