From Wilderness to Wilton: A Tour of Its Early Homes


The Keelers, the Abbotts, the Olmsteads…these are just some of the families that brought Wilton from wilderness to parish to town. Join us as we tour their continued legacy through the homes they built.

The heritage tourism company Histoury is excited to invite you on a tour that celebrates Wilton’s colonial-era architecture, from these families and more. From the comfort of charter buses, the tour will showcase some thirty buildings, as well as provide guests with the unique opportunity to tour the interior of several of these homes, complete with original details and stylish decor.

The Wilton Historical Society has generously provided their headquarters at 224 Danbury Road as the departure point and the location of our post-tour reception.

Histoury is opening up tickets to Wilton Historical Society members and friends exclusively through February 9. Space is limited. 

To purchase tickets, use this exclusive access link or call 212-683-7833. For more information, visit

More about Histoury

We believe that historic buildings matter. They connect us to our past. They embody the changing values and tastes of American society. They are works of ingenuity, craftsmanship, and art.

Our tours are educational. We have extensive backgrounds in architectural history and preservation. You will learn about styles of architecture, community development, and the events and people that shaped these places.

Our tours are entertaining and high-quality. We have been delivering guided tours to thousands of guests annually for over twenty years. We strive to provide you with an experience that is detailed, seamless, and enjoyable.