Ukrainian Egg (Pysanky) Decorating Workshop for Adults and Kids


Learn the colorful and venerable craft of decorating eggs in the Ukrainian style, known as pysanky (the name is derived from the Ukrainian verb meaning to write).  Expert egg decorator Susan Clark will lead this workshop for adults and children on Saturday, April 4 from 1:00 – 3:00. This ancient craft uses symbols and motifs to create a jewel-like egg.  Intricate designs can be created with geometric forms, or with more naturalistic, flowing patterns.  Participants will be using a kistka, a pointed implement a bit like a pen, filled with beeswax and heated, to draw designs on the eggs between bathing them in colored dye. Decorate eggs in a traditional design, or create your own.

For adults and children ages 9 and up.  Children ages 6-8 must be accompanied by adult.  Wilton Historical Society Members $25;  Non-members $35.  

Limited to 25 participants – sign up early!

Registration required: or call 203-762-7257. 

Did You Know?
“According to Ukrainian folklore, the fate of the world depends on pysanky, intricately decorated dyed Easter eggs. As long as people make pysanky, it is said, a monster personifying evil will remain chained to its cliff and the world will be safe.” – The New York Times, , 4/5/1984