History Lecture Series: Mark Zuckerberg: Poster Child for Promise and Peril in the Tech Sector – Professor Drew Harris, Central Connecticut State University


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In this program, Professor Drew Harris will discuss Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook. “College drop-out becomes a billionaire” is the story of great hope for many would-be entrepreneurs. His flagship product, Facebook, has provided vital social connections for billions of people, but it is also at the heart of public controversies ranging from exploitation of personal data to rapid, widespread dissemination of false information and conspiracy paranoia. At the launch into the Metaverse (the latest Zuckerberg venture), let’s take stock of Zuckerberg, his leadership as a tech tycoon, and the consequences for business and society.

Drew Harris, Ph.D., Professor of Management & Organization teaches entrepreneurship, business strategy, and leadership. He leads the CCSU entrepreneurship program. Previously, Dr. Harris taught at the Stern School of Business at New York University, Teacher’s College at Columbia University, the College of Business and Economics at Longwood University and the College of Business Administration at Fairleigh Dickinson University. Before his career in higher education, Drew was owner and president of HAAS Partners, Ltd., a management consulting firm, and held positions related to information systems at Arthur Young & Company, Morris Decision Systems, Harper & Row, and Digital Systems of Florida. He and his wife, Teresa Twomey, currently provide consulting and training on improving organizational performance and success for new and established firms. Dr. Harris has written numerous articles published in leading national and international business journals focusing on quality, organizing systems for stability and sustainability, and pedagogy. He authored the book Managing Quality: A Primer for Middle Managers and a chapter on strategy in The Portable MBA: Human Resource Management. He speaks frequently at educational and professional conferences, symposia and community events and has received several national honors. He holds a Doctorate in Management and an MBA in Statistics and Operations Research from New York University’s Stern School of Business and a BA in Mathematics from University of West Florida

This program is sponsored by Elaine Tai-Lauria and Phil Lauria. The moderator is Max Gabrielson. This program is being hosted by Wilton Library. No charge to attend, but a $10 donation to the hosting institution is suggested. Click here to donate.