History Lecture Series: The Greatest Showman – Fiction vs Fact! The REAL Story Behind the REEL Story! – Kathleen Maher


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In this lecture, Kathleen Maher will captivate guests with an engaging journey through key elements in the P.T. Barnum movie The Greatest Showman and will share numerous bits and pieces of history that will “set the record straight.” From the depiction of Barnum’s childhood in Connecticut to his final bow with the Greatest Show on Earth, Maher will expand on the tales set in the screenplay and reveal the truth to the remarkable stories of struggle and triumph that are even more fantastic.

A gifted speaker and noted authority on all things related to Phineas Taylor Barnum, Kathy has 33 years of experience working at museums and is celebrating 22 years at the historic Barnum Museum where she is Executive Director. She holds gubernatorial appointments to the Connecticut State Historic Preservation Council, the State Library, and the Museum of Connecticut History.

The moderator is Steve Hudspeth. The program is sponsored by Rebecca Lin. This program is being hosted by Wilton Historical Society. A $10 donation to the hosting institution is suggested.

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The 2021 History Lecture Series

The History Lecture Series is an annual collaboration between the Wilton Library and the Wilton Historical Society. Each year a theme is developed, and respected scholars are engaged to provide a lively, thought-provoking talk on their specialty subject. The lecture is followed by a question and answer period and reception. Generous sponsors make it all possible; each lecture is individually sponsored.

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