Weekend Workshops – Preparing for Winter Workshop


During the summer and fall months New England’s farmers were busy preparing for the long winter ahead. One of the most important preparations was preserving the harvest without the help of modern refrigeration. Apples, which were plentiful on many of Wilton’s farms, would have been pressed into cider or cooked into preserves, applesauce, or apple butter.  

On Saturday, November 4, from 11 am to 12 pm, the Wilton Historical Society will hold its very own Preparing for Winter Jelly-Making Workshop.  Museum Educator Catherine Lipper will talk about various methods of preserving fruit, and lead the group in making a mouth-watering batch of apple jelly!

Suggested for ages 6-10. Members: $10 per child; Non-members $15 per child.

Please fill out the form below to register or email info@wiltonhistorical.org

Did You Know?

The popularity of jams in Europe began with royal families, who could afford the sugar that the recipes required. As sugar became more readily available, the common people of Europe learned how to make jam, and brought that skill to the new world.

This event is generously supported by DIG USA. Their after school and camp programs include soccer, chess, arts and crafts, nerf capture the flag, flag football, Rubik’s cubes and much more!