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The oldest known Valentine card dates back to 1415 when Charles the Duke of Orleans wrote a poem in French to his wife who was imprisoned in the Tower of London which translates to, ‘I am already sick of love, my very gentle Valentine’. In the 1700s, cards were handmade and delivered secretly by slipping them under a door. By the 19th century sending Valentine cards were the most popular way to show your love. They were mass produced and able to be sent with penny postage. Many included symbols of flowers, love knots, puzzles and poetry. Esther Howland is credited with creating a mass market in the US which began in 1849 with her printed valentines.

Our take home kit features two cards of rustic cardstock, each with red and white decorative string. The first design includes supplies to make 3D heart air balloons floating in a cloudy sky. The second design is a mason jar filled with multi colored hearts and foam backings to make them appear at different depths. Instructions, decorations and envelopes included. You will need glue and a thin black marker

Card kit is $10

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Celebrate the American tradition of hand stitching with a take home felt heart sachet kit.

The art of hand stitching in America dates back to 1645 to a sampler made by Loara Standish at Plymouth Colony.  The simple, flat four holed button emerged out of the Industrial Revolution and is similar to the most popular button of the late 1800s which was made of black glass. The black buttons emulated the ones worn by Queen Victoria following the death of her husband, Albert.

Our kit includes two red felt hearts, a smaller white felt heart,  adorned with a black button you sew on and then stitched to the front as a pocket. Using the blanket stitch, sew the two hearts together around the outside edge. Leave an opening to fill with stuffing and dried lavender seeds before sewing the heart closed completely. Lastly, stitch on a decorative cord. The pocket is just the right size to hold small paper hearts which are included.

Kit is $10

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Get in the holiday spirit with a hands-on project.

Tiny trains chuffing through the snow brings a smile to everyone’s face! The kit contains a Vermont-made blank pine engine body plus hardwood wheels, axles and chimney to assemble.  All you need is glue and paints, crayons, stickers or whatever you want to use to decorate with. Can be used as an ornament too.

Includes one of the titles shown for more fun.   $12 for kit and one board or paperback book as shown. 

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“From Our House to Yours” Embroidery Kit

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Celebrate an 18th century Colonial American tradition this holiday season with a “take home” embroidery kit featuring Wilton’s own c 1740 Betts House, available exclusively at the Wilton Historical Society.

As part of preparing for the responsibility of sewing clothes and linens for their future families, 18th century children learned by sewing samplers.  A five or six year old child would have begun with a sampler showing the alphabet and numbers, and later moved on to one with other subjects.  Museum Educator Katherine Karlik has assembled “From Our House to Yours”  an engaging project for kids – perfect for getting their hands busy and their eyes away from a screen.

The “From Our House to Yours” kit includes embroidery hoop, fabric with Betts House design, needle and embroidery floss, and instructions.  Included is an extra piece of cloth to either turn your needlework into a small pillow, or create your own design.

Suggested for ages 6 and up, kit is $15.

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Safe pick-up at the Wilton Historical Society.  Buy now for immediate boredom busting or save for afternoons when a project is needed!

Connecticut Heart-Felt Ornament Craft Kit and Boredom Buster Bags!

After endless screen time, kids need to get their hands on a satisfying project!  Museum Educator Katherine Karlik has put together this appealing project with plenty of heart.   Create your own state of Connecticut ornament using red felt with denim heart.  The take home kit includes white embroidery floss to ‘whip stitch’ or blanket stitch the ornament together, stuffing for filling, dried real lavender, and decorative twine for hanging. Complete with step-by-step instructions.

Suggested for ages 6 and up, kit is $10. Safe pick-up at the Wilton Historical Society.  Buy now for immediate boredom busting or afternoons when a project is needed.

Add another item to the Boredom Buster Bag to extend the no-screen time with a new book to enjoy.

Try the hardcover story book, N is for Nutmeg by Wilton’s Elissa Grodin and learn Connecticut was not only one of the original colonies but also played a pivotal role in our nation’s history. Beautifully illustrated.

Or celebrate Eliza Hamilton and take home a copy of Eliza, the story of Elizabeth Schuyler Hamiliton by Margaret McNamara and illustrated by Esme Shapiro.

Get creative with a Birds of a Different Feather intricately detailed coloring book.

Price for craft kit and your choice of book: $30. Pick up at Wilton Historical Society.

Order below, or contact info@wiltonhistorical.org

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