The Town Book: E. Boyd Smith’s 20th Century Wilton

Explore Wilton’s growth and developments during the early 1900’s from a small farming community into the modern suburb it is today through the eyes of children’s book author and illustrator, E. Boyd Smith.


Commitment to Community: The Lives of Laurent Clerc and Francis Clerc Ogden

Learn about the the fascinating lives and legacies Laurent Clerc and Francis Clerc Ogden, who dedicated themselves to service for others. Their respective lives’ works demonstrate a family tradition of service passed down between generations.



Connecticut’s History, Wilton’s Story presents unique objects that embody Wilton’s progression from its pre-Colonial era to a small New England agricultural village to what it is today. This exhibit offers fascinating insight into Wilton’s history while encouraging exploration of the sites around town, such as Weir Farm and Ambler Farm.


Wilton: Siwanog Tribe, English Parish, American Town explores Wilton’s earliest history through rare and diverse objects that examine Wilton’s pre-colonial and colonial stories.


Just Like Grandma Used to Make: A Hands-on Experience of 300 Years of Kitchen History is an interactive exhibit that gives visitors the opportunity to touch and use historical objects based on food growing, storing, cooking.