The Town Book: E. Boyd Smith’s 20th Century Wilton


Children’s book author and illustrator E. Boyd Smith called Wilton, CT home for nearly four decades, and during that time he saw a town that experience rapid growth and change. His illustrations, pulled directly from the landscapes he saw in and around his hometown, captured all aspects of life in a community emerging into the 20th century, all the while sharing stories accessible to children across the nation. “The Town Book: E. Boyd Smith’s 20th Century Wilton”, is a new exhibition at the Wilton Historical Society which explores Wilton’s evolution from a small farming community into the modern suburb it is today. The exhibition will display Smith’s art alongside objects from the museum’s collection to offer different perspectives on Wilton’s evolution during the first half of the 1900’s.

Opens May 2023

Funding for this exhibition is provided by Connecticut Humanities