Weekend Workshops – Paper Making


Paper was not always the cheap and universal product that it is today. Before the Renaissance, paper in Europe was handmade by specialized artisans and was costly compared to cheaper alternatives like parchment. The craft of handmade paper survives today as a hobby and an art form using traditional paper making materials commonly like hemp, linen, cotton, and wood pulp. Paper makers use a mold with wooden frame and metallic wire mesh to create a unique and useful product.

On Saturday, March 4, from 11 am to 12 pm, the Wilton Historical Society will hold its very own Paper Making Workshop for kids. Museum Educator Catherine Lipper will discuss paper making, describe various types of papers and their uses, all while participants create their own colorful sheets of paper using a mold and dyes. The morning promises to be a rare opportunity for learning an intricate and long-practiced art form.

Suggested for ages 6-10.  Members:  $10 per child; Non-members $15 per child.

Please fill out the form below to register or email info@wiltonhistorical.org

Did You Know?

Paper making has its origins in China, with the earliest paper ever discovered in that area dating over 2000 years old. The process of paper making then spread west to the Middle East in the Middle Ages before the technology finally arrived in Europe about a thousand years ago.