History is Here: Episode 16, Rebels and Redcoats: The Aftermath of the Battle of Ridgefield

In April, 1777, war came to Wilton. After burning part of Danbury and destroying Continental Army supplies, British troops under General William Tryon marched through Wilton on their way back to Westport and their fleet. With a sudden alarm sent throughout Connecticut warning of a British invasion, many hastily assembled soldiers fought to repel the enemy from their homes. On this episode of History is Here, Associate Curator Nick Foster explores the aftermath of the Burning of Danbury and the Battle of Ridgefield, and how the British under General Tryon pillaged their way through Wilton. Foster also speaks with Wilton resident and expert in historical documents, John Reznikoff, to discuss a rare document: correspondence between Patriot Generals David Wooster and Gold Selleck Silliman on the day before the Battle of Ridgefield.